Thursday, June 23, 2011

I came late to the HUNGER GAMES party.  I don’t know why, blame it on how many other things I have been paying attention to lately I guess.  I had a cross country airplane ride coming in the middle of June and was looking for something to occupy my time during a 4 hour layover in D.C.  As I was browsing Amazon a little voice, far in the recess of my storage memory, reminded me of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games.” 

I navigated to it, and low and behold, the gods favored me and It was ON SALE !  How cool was that?  I sent it instantly to my Kindle with one click and packed my bags.

Well boys and girls let me tell you!  What a treat!  It reminds me of a marriage between “Mad Max” and “The Most Dangerous Game.”  I read the entire first book of the trilogy before I reached California, and downloaded the second before you could say “District 12.”  The story, the characters, the drama, the action, the romance (which was the smallest part of the story subdued) was totally captivating.  I found myself quite enthralled and invested in the story.  I was almost sorry that my visit to So CA was going to interrupt my reading.

I read each night before going to sleep and whenever there was a lull in my touching base with relatives and friends, I had my Kindle at the ready.  I consumed the second book like a starving coal miner and quickly sent the final book to my e-reader anticipating my finishing “CATCHING FIRE” in no time.  I was most thankful that I had the power to acquire the books wirelessly and would not have to wait for an opportunity to take a trip to the “Capitol” book store, because by the middle of the second book I was already craving more. 

MOCKINGJAY,” the third and final book, did not disappoint in any way except wishing there was more.  I finished all three books in less than 4 days.  The series has been described as “Young Adult” fiction to which I must disagree.  While it will surely appeal to young people, it has an undercurrent of maturity that will both entertain and give pause to older readers as well.  It is thought provoking and moving.  It may not be "great literature" but it accomplishes something that every author hopes for.  I “Couldn’t put it down.”  I cared about the characters, and was satisfied and moved by the ending.  I not only recommend it I give it a hearty “Hell Yes!”

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  1. I am SO SO glad you picked this up! The series is infectious, isn't it?

    I'm in the middle of Catching Fire (having paused to finish the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series) and am just loving it. Love, love, love.

    Hope your visit to SoCa was good, I hope you got to see my fam.