Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar goes to..........

Well, I watched the Academy Awards telecast last night, which means I stayed up way past my bedtime to see the end.  I Love the Oscars because, despite what some people say, they are the celebration of a job well done in a craft I love.  It is a chance to tell the people who entertain, inspire, and sometimes move, that they did a great job.  I like to think that the Academy is giving the award to deserving members of the film community, for me.  I take it kind of personal, which is silly I know, but I just do.  I always mark my ballot ahead of time and then check off the ones I get right and frown at the injustice when I am wrong.  How could they?  Obviously I know better than the ones that voted contrary to me!  I pick the winners about 90% of time most years and this year was no exception. (All though I did miss on Best Picture, I thought Social Network deserved it.)  I make sound logical decisions, forgoing my personal fondness for a film and voting for a movie that I might not particularly care for, but believe it deserves the award, more than my favorite.  I am proved right often, but sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised when the most deserved is also my fav and is awarded the prize.
During my College years, when I still thought there was a snowballs chance in hell that I would make a living as an actor, making movies, some day; I would fantasize about what it would be like to be there in person, rubbing elbows with the great artists of the film industry.  Getting dressed up and pontificating about it being “an honor just to be nominated.”  Today, I have to be satisfied living vicariously, thrilled for the winners, (Aaron Sorkin is my favorite writer, and he sooo deserved the award,) sad for the one’s that didn’t win, ( I think the song from Country Strong should have won) and maintaining the thinnest thread of connection to the beautiful people whose business is making movies.  I like to think of them as my friends.
I have had this affinity for the Oscars for as long as I can remember.  We used to have Oscar parties every year attended by dozens of people who shared my love of film.  They were lavish affairs, befitting the occasion.  One year we even dressed in tuxs and gowns just for fun and had a gourmet dinner prior to the show.  Now, since I relocated to the East coast it is more of a one on one celebration with the ceremony.  No group of people to commiserate with, just me, (and my lovely wife, wearing Dolce flannel PJs) sitting there in the living room, pretending I am in a seat, in the theatre along with all of the people I admire and respect, dreaming they are my peers.  "And the Oscar goes to...." the presenter opens the envelope and announces my name as the winner.  Hoorah for Hollywood!

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