Friday, February 25, 2011

Pick Me

I was pondering life in Grammar School the other day, (don’t ask me why) and was thinking about how everything kind of revolved around “Pick Me!”  You know…..teams for dodge ball - called on by the teacher – sing in the chorus - be a member of the cool kids’ group.  (Never made that one.)  I remember how stressful those times were, even though I didn’t know that what I was feeling WAS stress, back then. 
I came to the realization that things did not change much during the course of my life.  High School was more of the same.  PLEASE pick me for the baseball team - the Yearbook Committee - study group, etc. - etc. etc.  Please, pick me to be your boyfriend.  College, it got worse.  Being a Drama Major I spent every non-required course moment auditioning.  Even my extra-curricular activities (Community Theatre) called for me to be evaluated and chosen to participate.  I played music and was always asking to be picked to play with this group or back up some singer.  There was of course the ever present “Pick me to be your boyfriend,” aspect.
When I finished with school it was “pick me for the job.” When I started my own business (I had the first Video Rental store in Southern California) it was “please pick my store to spend your money in.”  When I got into Law Enforcement it was a whole new level.  The layers of testing, just to be hired, was designed to be hard.  (I applied with almost 1000 other people, they hired seven of us!)  It didn’t stop there either.  Once I was sworn in there were specialized assignments, overtime details, extra duty; all the time vying for someone to “Pick Me!” to be a Motorcycle Officer (Got that one) or a Field Training Officer (Got that one too :)
Now I am trying to be an author.  Once again, with hat in hand I am asking “Pick me.”  Please be my agent, Please pick my book to read, pick my book to sell, review, tell your friends about. 
When I look back on the journey I can say that I am blessed.  I was “picked” quite a few times, and have a great deal to show for my participation.  But, it would be great to be 8 again and only be looking for a spot on the dodge ball team.

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